Millions and Millions


You learn something new everyday and today is no exception. Millions are tiny… very tiny balls of chewy fruit flavoured candy. The information that we learned today about Millions is that they are actually manufactured in Scotland by the Golden Casket Group, fancy that? You can find them in supermarkets, stores, in the car, in the lounge, under your bed or in between the sofa cushions. They practically go everywhere and anywhere. You can find them 2 months down the line randomly in between your DVD collection, they are that tiny. Continue reading


Bearly Likeable Chocolate Covered Gummies


Your cravings cannot live on chocolate alone,”

From the Taste of Nature, Inc, based in Santa Monica, California comes the delightfully named little candies called “Muddy Bears“. Muddy Bears are milk chocolate covered gummi bears. Found in an American candy store for a cheap £1, however Candy Crash understands why these candies were reduced.
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No “Ice” Ice-cream Cornetto


But how is that possible I hear you ask, well, Unilever UK have hatched a no ice-cream confectionery range with Kinnerton Confectionery. They have licensed some of their famous ice-cream as mini chocolate bars such as Cornetto, Magnum and Mini Milk. We have reported about these before when we found them in May, however as it’s summer time we at Candy Crash thought we would sit back and relax with one of these and actually review it. Continue reading