No “Ice” Ice-cream Cornetto


But how is that possible I hear you ask, well, Unilever UK have hatched a no ice-cream confectionery range with Kinnerton Confectionery. They have licensed some of their famous ice-cream as mini chocolate bars such as Cornetto, Magnum and Mini Milk. We have reported about these before when we found them in May, however as it’s summer time we at Candy Crash thought we would sit back and relax with one of these and actually review it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost has finally released the last of three movies “The World’s End”. The trilogy included “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”. The trilogy has been named the Cornetto trilogy and what better way to celebrate but with a no ice-cream mini Cornetto chocolate.
On first impressions this looks like the same as a normal Cornetto except in miniature. The little “No ice-cream included,” banner on the top made the lab rats chuckle in amusement. As the packing suggests its a vanilla chocolate cone variation of the classico variety that you can find in the freezer aisle.
A little pull tab on the side indicates you can peel the wrapper like the ice-cream version before it. Nuts and chocolate on top, wafer cone underneath and the ice-cream is replaced with a vanilla chocolate mousse. Spitting image of the frozen Classico.  The nuts had a lovely crunch to them and the touch of burnt caramel flavouring brought the nuts out of the shells. The lickable mousse makes you believe its an ice-cream you are eating. The chocolate is the same from the original and has a lovely background flavour when licking the mousse out of the wafer cone. The nuts still get stuck in your teeth. The wafer breaks the smooth textures up well. The cone doesn’t stop there oh no!


That was needed. Its literally a Cornetto without the ice-cream and it works beautifully well. As a novelty chocolate, it certainly delivers and certainly makes Candy Crash Test day come rain or sun.


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