Bearly Likeable Chocolate Covered Gummies


Your cravings cannot live on chocolate alone,”

From the Taste of Nature, Inc, based in Santa Monica, California comes the delightfully named little candies called “Muddy Bears“. Muddy Bears are milk chocolate covered gummi bears. Found in an American candy store for a cheap £1, however Candy Crash understands why these candies were reduced.

The colourful box is eye catching and the idea of chocolate and gummies being great together intrigues the brain and the taste buds. The bear with “mud” on it’s head says it’s a god thing. On opening the cardboard packing and the plastic inner packet, a smell of a fruity fake chocolate comes from within.  On inspection these little creatures are indeed covered in plenty of milk chocolate and can still be seen as gummi bears. Squishy, breakable, melty and many things that on first impressions a kid would love in a candy.

Eveything good about these candies finish there though. Eating these was a different experience all together. Maybe because the Candy Lab rats have adapted to English chocolate too much, or they couldn’t get over the American chocolate and the different taste that it has, but the chocolate coating lets the whole thing down.  These would of tasted better if the chocolate coating was that of Cadbury or another pure chocolate coating. The gummies once de-coated from the chocolate were lovely. Soft chewy texture with a good juicy flavour to boot. The chocolate is sickly and over rides any other flavour from the gummy bears. There’s also a weird aftertaste from the chocolate too. A few of these was enough and the packet has been left ever since, never to be revisited.

Candy Crash Test will be making our own just to see if these can be made to taste better with Haribo “Golden Bears” and a well known brand of chocolate as the coating. Muddy Bears aren’t bad, they just aren’t brilliant either.


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