Millions and Millions


You learn something new everyday and today is no exception. Millions are tiny… very tiny balls of chewy fruit flavoured candy. The information that we learned today about Millions is that they are actually manufactured in Scotland by the Golden Casket Group, fancy that? You can find them in supermarkets, stores, in the car, in the lounge, under your bed or in between the sofa cushions. They practically go everywhere and anywhere. You can find them 2 months down the line randomly in between your DVD collection, they are that tiny. Usually in a plastic tube of 65g, you can also grab Millions in berry-shaped jars if the small tubes aren’t enough. Millions come in a range of different flavours e.g. strawberry, blackcurrant, cola and so forth. Tip them into the palm of your hand, then tip your head back and let them in. The flavour intensifies as the tiny balls are chewed. They become more and more juicy as you chew too. One is not enough for the intense flavour you need more to enjoy the fruitiness. The flavour even lasts after the tiny balls have been swallowed, its not a unpleasant after taste, however too many it can burn slightly.

How many can you handle? Have a competition with your friends to see who can eat the most millions, or even make Vodka infused with a Million flavour? Some flavours lack on their own so they have been teamed up with another flavour to give you a better combined flavour when you chew e.g. Orange and Lemon.


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