Have a break! Have a…


We all heard the catchphrase… if not you’ve been living under a cardboard box, or you just don’t watch TV…
The famous catchphrase we all love and know is “Have a break, have a KitKat,”

It’s a good excuse to stop doing whatever you’re doing. Stretch back from the job at hand and eat some tasty chocolate. Produced by Nestle.. who has some good quality milk chocolate right there. With the crunchy wafer in each semi-separated bar you are guaranteed for a perfect balance of crunch and chocolate.
The most notable thing on first sight as soon as you open the packet is the per-destined break grooves, as this is one meant to be shared and we all know that one does not simply share a KitKat bar. These are normally sold as 2 bars, 4 bars or if you’re extra hungry in a chunky size. Available everywhere makes this an easy piece for lunch time snacking or anywhere snacking in this case.

Though the Asian variants taste noticeably different then the european or american ones, due to different chocolate and tastes in each country. Hopefully Candy Crash Test will manage to get some different tasting KitKat from around the world. Especially in Japan where KitKat can be found in every different flavour you can image. Flavours include Red Bean, Wasabi and Mochi.


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