In a Honeycomb Galaxy Melting Away…


This chocolate is known under two different names depending where you were brought up to. In America and some countries the chocolate brand is called Dove and in the United Kingdom the chocolate brand is called Galaxy. Made and manufactured by the Mars Incorporated.  Galaxy was launched in the 1960s and now has many products under it’s brand name including caramel, fruit and nut, minstrels, ripple and promises.

Galaxy like all the major chocolate brands have modernised the packaging, making it easier on the eye and appealing to the taste buds. If you’re not careful you might pick up a Galaxy caramel as the packaging looks slightly similar in colour and design. A bit of reading is in order to catch this chocolate bar on the supermarket shelves.This chocolate bar is one of two latest editions to the list of growing products from Galaxy. New “Honeycomb Crisp,” from the brand consists of their smooth silky milk chocolate with a dashing of honeycomb pieces. As usual you can get the sharing bar for two or the snack pack size for one.
On opening the brown and yellow swirled packaging the smell of milky, sugary chocolate fills the air with a subtle burnt sugar note. A little bit different from all the crazy varieties that Cadbury has brought out recently, Galaxy has gone the simplistic flavour route. The bar is divided up in to chocolate pillow bite size portions, so you can take you’re time, relax and enjoy the flavours that await you.
The chocolate melts beautifully on the tongue, the honeycomb given it a sharp burnt tang that cuts through the silky creaminess of the chocolate. Bite it straight away you get the honeycomb crunch, but none of the honeycomb flavour. A slow burner with a god balance of sweet and sharp. A cuddle up bar to watch a movie with or a good TV drama.


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