Dark day for Haribo


Hans Riegel, along with his brother Paul Riegel took over their father’s company. This company was Haribo, which is now a worldwide known gummy candy company and conquered the markets. But today we have come to the terms that Hans Riegel passed away after having brain surgery due to a tumor. It wasn’t the operation, he passed on due to a heart attack during re-validation on the age of 90. From the fight for the freedom of Germany in WWII all the way to getting his doctorate degree in 1951 and leading this great company, we say goodnight mister Riegel. You shall be missed and always will be remembered with this great legacy you left us.


Snickers Pumpkin

Ephemeral Edibles


Not to be confused with Peanut Butter Snickers Pumpkin.  Let’s be precise, people.  I had moderate expectations for the Snickers Pumpkin based on my experiences with Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins (to be re-reviewed later).  I assumed the themed black wrapper would hold a plain flat nugget of Snickers candy shaped vaguely like a squash. I was wrong.



Yikes, that’s a scary grin.  It matches the picture on the wrapper but certainly not the label, for that, my friends, is a jack-o-lantern, not a pumpkin.  Also, Jack’s smile is sort of desperate.  Seems like he’s trying a bit too hard to jocular and repressing some deep internal melancholia. And speaking of insides:



Things are a bit sticky. And nutty. Crazy delicious, indeed.

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Candy Review: Pumpkin Spice M&M’s

Diet Coke-Babies

I began my last review (Yummy Mummy & Fruit Brute, in case you forgot) by saying that I think the main reason I get so excited for Monsters Cereals is that they are an indication of fall that isn’t the ubiquitous “now this is pumpkin flavored and you have to buy it because you are sheep who will buy anything pumpkin flavored so buy it (because it’s pumpkin flavored).”

And yes, that was one sentence.

Despite what might appear to be misgivings about pumpkin being everywhere, I usually love pumpkin as a flavor.  For me, pumpkin beer has become my own personal Christmas decoration situation.  By that I mean, pumpkin beers seem to show up on shelves earlier every year.  There is something very perverse about drinking pumpkin beer in August, but if I see it for sale, my principles go out the window.

So, with it being…

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Cadbury’s “Screme egg”

The Jellied Belly


So, the first of many seasonal delights to sample as winter begins… the Cadbury’s ‘Screme Egg’. I’m a fan of special editions of food, and seasonal ones are amongst the best.

So, it looks just like a normal Creme Egg on the outside. On the inside, instead of having the orangey ‘yolk’ bit it has a kind of greenish tinge. I was a bit disappointed the yolk itself wasn’t green – it doesn’t have a yolk at all it seems. I think that’s probably cause it might just bear too much of a resemblance to a rotten egg if that was the case…which might be too much for the general public to stomach.

So, the taste. It’s exactly the same as a normal Creme Egg, really sweet gooey-ness, essentially. The different food colouring is the only change, really. It might’ve been good if they’d given it a slightly different flavour…

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Halloween Candy Review: Oozing Eyeballs!

Ryan R Palmer, Author

Throughout the month I will be reviewing unusually creepy Halloween candy. Anyone can give out the usual M&M, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix mix. Stand out by giving a unique treat that will both repulse and excite the kids in your neighborhood.

AAAADIqMLOQAAAAAAdnpKAToday’s Halloween candy review is for Oozing Eyeballs!
The packaging stands out as somewhat sickening. I mean who really wants to eat an eyeball? Kids, do! Of course, they will be grossed out for a few minutes by looking at the picture on the wrapper, but that is all part of the excitement and adventure of Halloween night!
7Once you get the package open, however, there is a bit of a disappointment factor. The artwork on the outside does not resemble the product inside. It is simply a plain white marshmallow puff filled with a flavored candy gel inside. No designs on the marshmallow themselves, just plain white. However…

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