Cadbury’s “Screme egg”

The Jellied Belly


So, the first of many seasonal delights to sample as winter begins… the Cadbury’s ‘Screme Egg’. I’m a fan of special editions of food, and seasonal ones are amongst the best.

So, it looks just like a normal Creme Egg on the outside. On the inside, instead of having the orangey ‘yolk’ bit it has a kind of greenish tinge. I was a bit disappointed the yolk itself wasn’t green – it doesn’t have a yolk at all it seems. I think that’s probably cause it might just bear too much of a resemblance to a rotten egg if that was the case…which might be too much for the general public to stomach.

So, the taste. It’s exactly the same as a normal Creme Egg, really sweet gooey-ness, essentially. The different food colouring is the only change, really. It might’ve been good if they’d given it a slightly different flavour…

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