Got the munchies for Munchies


We at Candy Crash Test definitely have the munchies for the Munchies. Introduced by a British firm Mackintosh in the 1950’s, then was taken over by Nestle in 1988. Munchies are individual milk chocolate-coated sweets with a caramel and biscuit centre. There is a different variety of these which are plain chocolate and a mint filling, they used to be called Mintola, however the name changed to Mint Munchies then again to After Eight Bitesize.
These are one of the favourites for the Candy Crash Test team. Its got everything you want in a little bitesize piece of chocolate, caramel, biscuit heaven. The milk chocolate is smooth, milky, not too sweet. The caramel compliments the chocolate well, coating your taste buds and tongue without coating your teeth. The biscuit gives a diverse bit of crunch and texture to the bite. Very addictive little things, a whole packet can go within minutes even seconds if your family or friends get a hold of them. Enjoyed by all ages and wont give you a tummy ache if you eat the whole packet. A good sugar, chocolate fix in bitesize pieces…


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