Chewits: Xtreme sour apple

The Jellied Belly


So, at a loss to find a sweet that was even remotely unusual in Tesco, I decided to settle for these sour Chewits. Perhaps a silly choice as I hate Fruit-Tella and usually most kinds of Chewits. However, on the other hand I love sour sweets, so I wanted to give them a shot.

First off, the packet is a bit more sexed-up than the usual Chewits affair. It’s black and green and a bit more Godzilla-y, I imagine to let the buyer know that they’re not the usual business.

There are 5 big sweets in the pack, so a bit less than the usual Chewits but they’re a lot bigger so it might well be a similar weight. I could check, but I can’t be bothered.

The sweets, as you can see, are a pretty lurid green (standard). They’re really quite hard, so I went for biting each in…

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