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Run for Cake

Happy Saturday!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  Like most of you, I need to get my Christmas shopping done this weekend (talk about great planning), so I will be spending my morning at the mall.

As for yesterdays recap, I will start off by saying I’ve decided I don’t like meetings where I have to run all over the place.  I actually prefer heading straight to the office and sitting at my desk and working like a busy bee.  The hustle bustle of running around and still ultimately having to go to my office with a million things to do just stresses me out.


Yesterday morning started with another delicious homemade bread almond butter breakfast sandwich with a cup of instant Nescafe coffee.  I know a lot of people think instant coffee is disgusting but I think its just delicious.  There’s is something about the…

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Quick Candy Sorting Machine


OCD. Sometimes things just get to you, like those pesky bags of randomly assorted candies. [Torsten] decided to build a sorting machine capable of sorting Skittles or M&Ms into separate cups by color at around 80 pieces per minute. It’s a great implementation, using an Arduino Duo. He based the code on the principles of a finite-state machine, in order to make it as quick as possible.

It works as you would expect: When a candy piece is loaded, the color is determined using an RGB sensor. A 360-degree servo is used to move the chute to the proper position, and interestingly, the system preemptively releases the candy before the chute is in position in order to maximize the speed. If you watch closely, you can see this behavior in the video (embedded after the break).

[Torsten] includes a complete bill of materials, if you’d like to try it…

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Feel the bubbles melt

Manufacturing the chocolate bar with tiny pockets of air that melt in the mouth was patented in 1935.
Rowntree’s launched Aero Mint into the UK first before the milk chocolate version in the 1970s. The wrapper consisted of green with some hints of brown and displayed the “Rowntree’s” script logo and the large word “AERO”, along with the slogan “Hold on tight or I’ll fly away!” below the “Aero” name. In the 1970s, an advertisement was aired in which kids flying a kite thought the kite was an Aero bar.

There are many varieties of Aero nowadays including mint, chocolate, orange and white. Recently as 2011, Nestlé released the first flavour of Aero Biscuits onto the market in The United Kingdom and Ireland.The product consists of Aero aerated chocolate, along with several sphere-shaped pea-sized biscuits nestled in a milk chocolate coating. Continue reading