Feel the bubbles melt

Manufacturing the chocolate bar with tiny pockets of air that melt in the mouth was patented in 1935.
Rowntree’s launched Aero Mint into the UK first before the milk chocolate version in the 1970s. The wrapper consisted of green with some hints of brown and displayed the “Rowntree’s” script logo and the large word “AERO”, along with the slogan “Hold on tight or I’ll fly away!” below the “Aero” name. In the 1970s, an advertisement was aired in which kids flying a kite thought the kite was an Aero bar.

There are many varieties of Aero nowadays including mint, chocolate, orange and white. Recently as 2011, Nestlé released the first flavour of Aero Biscuits onto the market in The United Kingdom and Ireland.The product consists of Aero aerated chocolate, along with several sphere-shaped pea-sized biscuits nestled in a milk chocolate coating.

On 21 May 2012, Nestlé released two additional flavours of Aero Biscuits onto the confectionery market, orange biscuit and mint biscuit Aero. In 2012 also Areo bubbles were introduced for a limited time in the UK and they changed the design of the bar from the original “speed bump” design to a more bubble like square shape for easy sharing. Japan as always have the strangest flavours of Aero including Vanilla Milkshake, Hot Milk, Green Tea, Cocoa plain, Green Tea and Strawberry.

Today we are testing the normal aerated mint flavoured bar. The original as they say, the one that started off the journey.
Instantly on opening the packaging a hug wave of mint tingles your nostrils. Incredibly strong, but sweet in smell. Not the same strong mint smell you get from gum or extra strong mints.

The chocolate as expected is smooth and silky on the tongue and the bubbles within the chocolate begins to melt and its a huge smooth chocolate mint river sliding down your throat towards your stomach. Of course you can bite the chocolate, but you get the same experience. The mint leaves a great after taste and the bar makes you want more. A basic combination, but it works time and time again. A great bar to snuggle down with if you fancy being naughty but not too naughty.


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