A drop of cherry


Cherry Drops are simple, but lick smackingly good. Bassett’s was a confectionery company in the UK, however it is now a brand under the umbrella of Cadbury. Founded in 1842, Bassett’s best, and one of the most famous candy (that was accidentally made in 1899) is Liquorice Allsorts. Continue reading


Russian Candy Treats



Since it is the weekend, I decided to take a temporary break from writing about my travel adventures from last year. Over the holidays I had received a lot of candy from family, friends and colleagues. As many of you can tell from my blog, I love sweets and I love trying candy from different countries/markets. One of my colleagues had shared a sizeable bag of candy from his native Russia and I figured I should write a post about it before I finish eating the remainder of the bag. I have never had candy from Russia before so it was a new experience for me. A key difference that I have noticed that it is sweet but not overly sweet which suits my taste buds just fine. Also, another difference that I have noticed was that for some of the ones I received there was honey combined with the…

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Delicious Little Morsels of Goodness

Grandma's Backyard

Happy 2014.  Isn’t it crazy that it is actually 2014?  The year ended in a complete flurry.  The month of December seems to pass by at light speed.  Before you know it, its January and we are in a New Year.  Thanks to the month going by faster than normal, I have a normal of Holiday-esq posts that you will now get to read about.  Consider yourself lucky…the Holidays just keep on giving.  And, their first gift to you, comes in the form of Gingerbread Twix.  Delicious Little Morsels of Goodness.


I have learn to appreciate the flavor of Gingerbread over the last few years.  In the past, I always found gingerbread to be lacking and simply something that was there.  However, as my palate has expanded, I have found gingerbread to be an intriguing flavor…one in which has so much depth…and one in which I wish to pursue.  I…

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Cadbury’s Astros

The Jellied Belly


Today I’m continuing my international food theme by heading due south and checking out a South African treat – Cadbury’s Astros.

They come in a Poppets-size box (are Poppets still sold?!) and are described as ‘candy and chocolate coated biscuit bites’. Sounded promising so I opened them up.

First off, they’re quite small and can be a bit hard to shake through the rectangle opening for some reason. That may have just been me though…

They come in six colours but they aren’t different flavours as far as I can tell so it’s basically just the one flavour for all. There’s a decent amount in the box, and as I’ve been delving in throughout the day they’ve not let up so my perception is that there’s a good few of ‘em. As I made my way through I thought they tasted quite similar to Smarties, with a hint of the…

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The grandparents favourite


The classic candy made with real butter and fresh cream,”

Werther’s Original is the favourite (beside assortment mints) amongst grandparents and elderly people. These are a brand of caramel flavoured candies and manufactured by August Storck, who are based in Germany.

These little hard candies were founded in 1903 and were named after the town of Werther in Westphalia. Originally they were marketed under the brand name of Werthers Echte from 1969. The present name “Werther’s Original” was adopted in the 1990s and have stuck ever since.

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Takoyaki Candy Review

magboo candy and jewelry

The next review in my Japanese candy adventure is Takoyaki candy by Meiji. This is a candy version of the popular Japanese street food. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped dumpling made with octopus, green onions, and ginger. A Takoyaki sauce, similar to worcestershire, and mayonnaise is drizzled over the top and finally sprinkled with bonito flakes.


ImageAbove is the front and back of the candy package.  This DIY candy kit came with four packets, the cutest little white spoon and a brown plastic tray as pictured below.

ImageWhen mixed together, the final result was a glossy, miniaturized version of takoyaki. In the center of the candy ball, I inserted tiny little octopus-shaped gummies inside!

ImageI have to admit, this did scare me a little to taste this. Past experience has proven that these little DIY Japanese candy kits are barely passable as edible. When I took a bite out of this…

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I Am Not in Favor of Filled Sugar Products

Perpetual Plot Hole

When I was a child, Gushers were new. Or, at least they were a very big deal. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. These tiny hexagons of sugar were my first introduction to “sugar objects filled with goo juice,” and it was not a pleasant experience.

Now, as a sugar-addicted child, one would assume that I would have jumped at the chance to eat anything filled with EXTRA sugar. And I did. After begging my parents profusely*, they humored my commercial-driven need to try these tasty treats.

*Marching behind them in the grocery store chanting “MomDadMomDadMomDad” at full volume. I’m a polite and effective beggar.

Only, they weren’t tasty. The filling was TOO sweet, and also oddly textured. The way it sort of squashed and then leaked fruit-ish flavor all over my mouth was disconcerting. It was a horrifying surprise, like going to hug your doctor and ending up…

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