The grandparents favourite


The classic candy made with real butter and fresh cream,”

Werther’s Original is the favourite (beside assortment mints) amongst grandparents and elderly people. These are a brand of caramel flavoured candies and manufactured by August Storck, who are based in Germany.

These little hard candies were founded in 1903 and were named after the town of Werther in Westphalia. Originally they were marketed under the brand name of Werthers Echte from 1969. The present name “Werther’s Original” was adopted in the 1990s and have stuck ever since.

In recent years the brand has expanded and new varieties have been added. These include toffees, chocolate filled Werther’s and 3 sugarless varieties which use isomalt. A product available in the United Kingdom is “Werther’s Chocolate”, a dark and milk chocolate with butterscotch running through it, sold in the same packaging and wrappers as Werther’s Originals.

The packet is usually a share one with individual wrapped Werther’s inside. The lab rats also found a small pocket size packet or Werther’s if you were out and about and wanted something for a quick sugar fix. As you unwrap the gold shiny wrapper the butterscotch candy bursts through and the smell instantly comforts your nose. Sweet, however not overwhelming. Little sticky to the touch but as soon as you pop one into your mouth the flavours come running over your tongue and down the throat. A smooth texture with a smooth flavour.
No wonder the old time guys and girls love these. Once the main candy has melted away, its hard not to crunch the remaining hard candy disk. The shards get slightly suck in the teeth, but easily melt away, to leave a slight butter scotch after taste. Simplicity wins this round.


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