Cadbury’s Astros

The Jellied Belly


Today I’m continuing my international food theme by heading due south and checking out a South African treat – Cadbury’s Astros.

They come in a Poppets-size box (are Poppets still sold?!) and are described as ‘candy and chocolate coated biscuit bites’. Sounded promising so I opened them up.

First off, they’re quite small and can be a bit hard to shake through the rectangle opening for some reason. That may have just been me though…

They come in six colours but they aren’t different flavours as far as I can tell so it’s basically just the one flavour for all. There’s a decent amount in the box, and as I’ve been delving in throughout the day they’ve not let up so my perception is that there’s a good few of ‘em. As I made my way through I thought they tasted quite similar to Smarties, with a hint of the…

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