A drop of cherry


Cherry Drops are simple, but lick smackingly good. Bassett’s was a confectionery company in the UK, however it is now a brand under the umbrella of Cadbury. Founded in 1842, Bassett’s best, and one of the most famous candy (that was accidentally made in 1899) is Liquorice Allsorts.

This is going to be quite a short review as there’s not much too these little rubies. Usually in a pocket size pack these are great for a fruity burst and sugar rush. Wrapped individually in a clear wrapper. The candies shine out to you like mini gems. Pure, red and superb. A great flash flood of cherry comes rushing into your taste buds as soon as the candy enters your mouth.
A great little sweet for the kids too, not only do they taste good, they stain your tongue red.


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