Gummy bears

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Moschino AW1415 Gummy bears

Gummy bears have influenced dresses in the Moschino by Jeremy Scott Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 Show.

Photo : Davide Maestri

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Nuggle Chocolate (Product of Trinidad and Tobago)


Nuggle Nuggle

The Nuggle bar is kind of like the Trinidad and Tobago version of the Baby Ruth bar. It has peanuts, caramel, fudge and chocolate. These things sound good on paper but the end result isn’t as tasty as expected. One the positive side it’s packed with peanuts. On the negative side, the caramel and fudge are very dry. So rather than creamy, it’s crumbly and a bit hard to chew. The chocolate is okay but somewhat muddy tasting.

This is another product from Charles Candy. I previously wrote about Tiki Gold. The corporate website doesn’t indicate what a nuggle is. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s the act of snuggling with a loved one. Sadly, this candy rather than making me want to hug someone makes me reach for the mouthwash instead.

Nuggle Nuggle

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The Ripple effect

The Dove (Galaxy) brand covers a huge selection of chocolate products including galaxy caramel, fruit and nut, minstrels and promises. It is marketed by the Mars corporation. The Dove (Galaxy) brand is known for the messages written on the inside of the foil wrapper of each individual chocolate piece.
The brand name comes from Dove Candies & Ice Cream, which were Chicago sweet shops owned by Leo Stefanos and In 1956, Stefanos created the Dove ice cream bars, which were only sold locally until 1985 when distribution began in selected cities around the USA. The Galaxy brand was first launched in the UK in 1960. Continue reading

Java: Kopiko

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Kopiko can be purchased at most Asian markets.

kopiko - 1kopiko - 2

Kopiko are coffee candies from Indonesia. I’ve only seen two flavors here in the United States, coffee and cappuccino. The coffee candies are made with java coffee beans. The cappuccino candies have milk on one side, and java coffee on the other.

Although Indonesia consists of thousand of islands, Kopiko comes from the appropriately named island of Java. This tiny island hosts fertile, volcanic soil as well as a tropical climate, making this the home of the very best coffee beans in the world. Hence, in the United States and other global destinations, java is synonymous with coffee. Kopiko is owned by the Mayora Group, one of the largest candy manufacturers in Indonesia. Kopiko confectionary, although native to Indonesia, also has distribution centers in several countries around the world. (World of Snacks)

Java coffee refers to coffee beans produced in the Indonesian island of Java. The…

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Bit-O-Honey or Bit-O-Heaven?


I had my first Bit-O-Honey about 4 years ago when my mom bought a bag of them for my sister and me. She was excited about the candy because she had liked it growing up and hadn’t had any for a long time. It is not a popular candy in California, so my sister and I had never seen it before.
Anyways, I still remember unwrapping the wax paper and thinking that the beige colored taffy did not look appetizing. Then, I put the taffy in my mouth and the honey, almond flavor convinced me otherwise. Bit-O-Honey was so good! My sister and I devoured the whole bag quickly (which isn’t actually that remarkable since we tend to do that for all candy).
The candy was first sold back in 1924 by the Schutter-Johnson Company of Chicago, Illinois. As an AP US History student, I can tell you that this…

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The chocolate that likes to tease.


Another classic has enter the laboratory this time these little delights consist of a roughly spherical malt honeycomb centre, surrounded by milk chocolate. Produced by Mars, these are “the lighter way to enjoy chocolate” If you guessed them, a pat on the back for you. If you haven’t they are of course called Maltesers. First sold in the 1930s, Maltesers were originally described as “energy balls” and aimed at slimming women. Having only 187 calories per 37g bag. They certainly remain the slimmers’ favourite. Continue reading