Bit-O-Honey or Bit-O-Heaven?


I had my first Bit-O-Honey about 4 years ago when my mom bought a bag of them for my sister and me. She was excited about the candy because she had liked it growing up and hadn’t had any for a long time. It is not a popular candy in California, so my sister and I had never seen it before.
Anyways, I still remember unwrapping the wax paper and thinking that the beige colored taffy did not look appetizing. Then, I put the taffy in my mouth and the honey, almond flavor convinced me otherwise. Bit-O-Honey was so good! My sister and I devoured the whole bag quickly (which isn’t actually that remarkable since we tend to do that for all candy).
The candy was first sold back in 1924 by the Schutter-Johnson Company of Chicago, Illinois. As an AP US History student, I can tell you that this…

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