Nuggle Chocolate (Product of Trinidad and Tobago)


Nuggle Nuggle

The Nuggle bar is kind of like the Trinidad and Tobago version of the Baby Ruth bar. It has peanuts, caramel, fudge and chocolate. These things sound good on paper but the end result isn’t as tasty as expected. One the positive side it’s packed with peanuts. On the negative side, the caramel and fudge are very dry. So rather than creamy, it’s crumbly and a bit hard to chew. The chocolate is okay but somewhat muddy tasting.

This is another product from Charles Candy. I previously wrote about Tiki Gold. The corporate website doesn’t indicate what a nuggle is. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s the act of snuggling with a loved one. Sadly, this candy rather than making me want to hug someone makes me reach for the mouthwash instead.

Nuggle Nuggle

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