A thin slice of buttery crunch

Originated in Sweden and Norway in 1953, the Daim bar is a thin butter almond slice covered in milk chocolate. Before 2005 Daim was known as Dime in the United Kingdom and in Swedish this crunchy confectionery was known as Dajm. The brand is now owned by Mondel─ôz International. Daim bars imported from Sweden are sold in IKEA stores in many countries, although IKEA America and Europe discontinued the product in 2011. You can also get a Daim ice-cream cake dessert from IKEA still.

The bar “Daim” was created after research into a similar product produced by the American company Heath. After refusing to give away the ingredients and the license, it was tested in Stockholm in 1952 with success. In 2007, a ‘Limited Edition Cappuccino’ Daim bar was released as well as a forest fruit bar, Coke Daim, White chocolate Daim, Dark chocolate Daim, Blueberry Daim and a Lemon-orange Daim. Continue reading