I remember those…


In your childhood there was always a favourite candy or chocolate bar that you picked up from the corner shop. Be it 1p or many more pence, we loved that candy. The joy it brought after a long day of school or the pick me up you needed that day. We all had one. In the UK there was a recent survey done to see what candies were the most missed as they went to the candy archives.

Some of these even the Candy Crash Test Lab rats didn’t have a clue what they were and so we are launching “Throwback Candy Thursdays” this month to give you Candy lovers an insight to what was available and popular of candy past.

Spangles “The sweet way to go gay!” an 80s retro candy was voted number one in the most missed UK candy poll. These fruity treats were voted top in a poll of 620 shoppers by NetVoucherCodes.co.uk. With 18% of the votes, the 80’s favourites were closely followed by the chocolate choice Banjo, which also came to a demise in the 80s. Taking bronze with 14% in this sugary survey were Fry’s Five Centres; famous for their five squares of fruity cream fillings.

Some candy lovers and shoppers believe the confectionery aisle isn’t the same, with some even waiting to see if there retro favourite returns. The top 10 is revealed below:

 Ten Missed Sweets

1.      Spangles                     18%

2.      Banjo                          16%

3.      Fry’s Five Centres     14%

4.      Golden Cup                13%

5.      Galaxy Counters        12%

6.      Toffo                           10%

7.      Texan                         7%

8.      Treets                         4%

9.      Candy Whistles         2%

10.  Fuse                            1%

Many retro candies have returned to the shelves including Cadbury “Wispa” and so it will be a matter of time before they are all back on the shelves ready for future and past generations to enjoy.

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