Violet candies

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An assortment of violet candies An assortment of violet candies

In an earlier post about the Kusmi Violette tea, I mentioned violet candies… well I’ve had the chance to try out a few different varieties, and I thought I’d do a brief post in case anyone else out there is as in love with the flavour of ‘violets’ like I am…

A bit of history…

My original obsession with the taste and scent of violet came as a child, staying overnight at my grandmother’s.  She had a lovely tiny bottle of violet-scented perfume (an Avon perfume actually) and a tin of tiny little pale purple violet mints. I can remember loving them terribly – though I never saw them at sweet shops; only at grandma’s. (Though she must have either had a stock, or could find them locally, because I think I ate a handful each visit!)

I tried to find the candies and the…

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2 thoughts on “Violet candies

  1. Thanks for the reblog!
    We’ve also written about a few other candies that might be of interest to your readers – Finnish Chocolates from Fazer –
    Finnish Polly and licorice candies – and Green tea chocolates – which are really hard to find around here at least! (I bought them at an Asian import shop)
    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Retweeted and reblogged about green tea chocolates, we have a few candy lovers who love candies from Japan, so these are a definite read 🙂
      Finnish chocolates sound delicious xx

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