Retro candy from yesteryear part two

Candy Crash Test here with the latest news and reviews. Today we finish the other half of our look on yesteryear candies that are gone, however still in the heart and souls of candies lovers everywhere. We start from the 70’s and will be working our way up towards the present.
Hold on tight we’re taking another ride into candy past. Continue reading


Retro candy from Yesteryear Part One

Another Throwback Thursday and another mega candy report for your guys to get your memories ticking. Each candy has a memory to one person or another and these are no exception. A few are a little weirder than others. We will start with the 1920’s and head towards what we think the latest discontinued candies will be. Hold on to your chairs we are on an exploration into Candy past. Continue reading

Cadbury: Gone but not forgotten

Unfortunately this weeks Throwback is a little late due to personal affairs however Candy Crash Test has a mega throwback for you lovers of chocolate out there to make up for the delay. One Candy Crash Test lab rat went on an adventure to Cadbury World in Birmingham (UK) and has presented the others with a Cadbury World souvenir book. Jammed packed with facts and information about the Cadbury brand.From history to did you knows it’s a wonderful insight into a chocolate icon. Included in this book full of wonder is a page dedicated to candy bars that no longer exist, however are still in the memories of the general public. Continue reading

Throwback Candy Special: Spangles

Today we have decided to go with the number missed sweet in the UK which we named as “Spangles” in last weeks article.

What were Spangles?
They were a brand of hard boiled coloured sweets, who were manufactured by Mars Ltd. Spangles were around between 1950s to the 1980s. They were sold in a paper tube with individual sweets originally unwrapped but later cellophane wrapped. They were distinguished by their shape which was a rounded square with a circular depression on each face. Continue reading