Cadbury: Gone but not forgotten

Unfortunately this weeks Throwback is a little late due to personal affairs however Candy Crash Test has a mega throwback for you lovers of chocolate out there to make up for the delay. One Candy Crash Test lab rat went on an adventure to Cadbury World in Birmingham (UK) and has presented the others with a Cadbury World souvenir book. Jammed packed with facts and information about the Cadbury brand.From history to did you knows it’s a wonderful insight into a chocolate icon. Included in this book full of wonder is a page dedicated to candy bars that no longer exist, however are still in the memories of the general public. With a long history Cadbury has had many candy bars which have held many special memories. These are a few of their most famous bars.
Fuse was an usual candy bar. It was a solid bar of chocolate which contained nut, raisins, crisp cereal, and fudge pieces. This was different as normal bars would of just covered the ingredients rather than suspending them within the chocolate. It was launched on “Fuseday” in September 2006, 40 million were sold and within 2 months it was the UK’s favourite candy bar, however within 10 years the love affair fizzed out and it got shelved on to the archive shelves rather than the supermarket shelves.


Spira is a pretty unknown candy bar, as for unknown reasons Spira was pulled  from shelves in 2005. The distinctive form of milk chocolate twisted hollow spiral was made from a new chocolate extrusion technology. Some customers who tried Spira use to bite the ends and use the candy bar as a “Straw” whilst drinking a hot beverage.

From the 1970’s it’s the Amazin’ raisin bar. Made from milk and plain chocolate that was covered in nougatine and caramel mixed with raisins.  A cockney knees-up was the jingle made everyone go crazy for raisins.
“It’s amazin’ what raisins can do,
Full of goodness and it’s all for you,
It’s got too kinds of chocolate and caramel too,
And it’s got raisins and they’re good for you,”

Briefly reappearing in 2000. Aztec was first introduced in 1968. It had a lavish advertising campaign which an actual temple in Mexico was filmed. It contained nougatine, milk chocolate and caramel. It was one feast of a chocolate bar. Hugely popular, Aztec made a huge impact on the candy world. It even had a life size cardboard cut out of an Aztec warrior with the displays in approximately 100,000 shops.

More to come from Throwback Candy Thursdays so keep an eye out candy lovers.



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