Retro candy from Yesteryear Part One

Another Throwback Thursday and another mega candy report for your guys to get your memories ticking. Each candy has a memory to one person or another and these are no exception. A few are a little weirder than others. We will start with the 1920’s and head towards what we think the latest discontinued candies will be. Hold on to your chairs we are on an exploration into Candy past.

Although you instantly think of Willy Wonka you are very much mistaken. Introduced by the Sperry Candy company, this randomly named candy bar was on the market for 50 years in the USA. Even though it’s says chicken, there was no chicken. The candy bar was actually a combination of nuts and chocolate. Pretty traditional really. It was to suggest wholesome nourishment, however these could be rumours, as it was referenced to President Hoover’s promise to the USA that there would be a “chicken in every pot,”


Launched in 1936, Forever Yours was invented by the Mars Incorporation. 
It was a dark chocolate and vanilla nougat bar lined with a layer of caramel. It was discontinued in the 1970s, however with the news that dark chocolate held health benefits, it was re-introduced in 1980s as a Dark Milky Way, then again it was re-named as a Milky Way Midnight Bar.



Launched at the later end of the 1940s, Bazooka gum was only recently discontinued in 2012. Over 65 years this candy graced the candy aisle. It was manufactured and marketed by the Topps Company. Being patriotic the candy was wrapped in red, white and blue colour scheme. Topps in the mid 1950’s changed the packaging to include small comic of their character “Bazooka Joe” There was over 50 comics to collect, however in 2012 they changed the comic strip to more brain-teasing puzzles instead. Bazooka came in many flavours and in sugar free format.


Chupa Chups is a popular lollipop confectionery brand and is sold all over the world, unfortunately are now not being sold in the USA. The brand was founded by the Catalan Enric Bernat in 1958, and is currently owned by the Italian multinational corporation Perfetti Van Melle. They launched a new type of lollipop where it was candy, but it was also a musical instrument. Instead of being a one note whistle, they inserted a slider into the lollipop that can change the pitch of the whistle.

Launched at the end of the 60s. Nestle made a chocolate bar that was three different layers of chocolate: Milk, white and semisweet. Triple the pleasure in eating the candy bar. It was really popular with the general public as white chocolate was a rarity in chocolate bars in those days.

Part two coming next week folks, hope this part jogged a few memories and some maybe leaving you with more questions than answers.



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