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I REALLY liked the jelly popping candy version of Marvellous Creations and have bought it a couple of times now. However due to similar packaging I ended up buying the Cola Pretzel Honeycomb version.

This sounded rather scary so it sat in the cupboard for ages and ages. I finally got the courage to try it and it was… weird. I don’t know how to describe it articulately, it was sort of jelly cola, with semi-savoury pretzel and random sugar tastes that were probably the honeycomb.

giant cadbury marvellous creations cola pretzel honeycomb

It wasn’t as gross as I feared, but nor was it nice enough to buy deliberately.

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Fruit Salads

Sweets Treats Galore

Retro Sweet Fruit Salads Fruit Salads

Fruit Salads are fondly remembered as small rectangular chewy Orange / Red traditional retro sweets dating back as far as the 1920`s. The neatly folded waxed paper wrapping of the Fruit Salad has changed several times over the last few  years from the time it was first manufactured and this reflects not just changing times, but also more recent thinking in terms of political correctness.

Today the iconic Fruit Salad represents a nostalgic old-fashioned sweet which evokes a million happy youthful memories for those of us who remember it from our childhood and teenage years when it could be purchased for a penny from the corner sweet shop.

Fruit Salads are now also sold in packs as well as individually. In the packs the sweets are square, rather than the traditional rectangle, but the taste and texture are every bit the same as ever !!!

Fruit Salads are the cousin…

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Throwback Candy Thursday Special: Banjo Bars

Roll.Caskett.full.487228                Banjo-Bar-300x153

Banjo chocolate bars? What are these? Well.. These were voted second on the most missed UK candy poll by with 16% of the vote.
Sold in Greater London area within the UK, Banjo chocolate bars were similar to what we know as a KitKat.  They were a chocolate wafer bar with a chocolate filling, covered in milk chocolate. That’s a lot of chocolate! Continue reading

Green tea and chocolate

Happy Sushi Belly

It’s a strange combination, but green tea and chocolate together is awesome…

Green tea and chocolate

These are super-expensive little individually-wrapped chocolates.  They were delicious… ;D

Green tea Kit Kat

Oh… and did you know that you can get matcha Kit kat candy bars? They were pretty good too. Also individually wrapped, and also really expensive.

I have expensive tastes I guess!

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