Throwback Candy Thursday Special: Banjo Bars

Roll.Caskett.full.487228                Banjo-Bar-300x153

Banjo chocolate bars? What are these? Well.. These were voted second on the most missed UK candy poll by with 16% of the vote.
Sold in Greater London area within the UK, Banjo chocolate bars were similar to what we know as a KitKat.  They were a chocolate wafer bar with a chocolate filling, covered in milk chocolate. That’s a lot of chocolate!

Banjo bars were created by Mars and shortly arrived after WW2 and short after which they were  made into a twin pack chocolate bar just like Twix (Banjo was chunkier) which was later to take the glory from Banjo. The two chocolate bars in one wrapper was a clever marketing campaign as the general public thought they were getting two for the price of one. Originally Banjo was called Trophy, however was later dropped do to the similarities to a French swear word and a Norwegian twin bar chocolate bar.

Unfortunately Banjo was discontinued in 1954 and wasn’t to return again until 1976. Banjos had an overhaul and were now sold as a twin bar and had a chopped peanut layer which was covered in milk chocolate. The packaging also had a face lift with a navy blue wrapper with BANJO written in bold yellow text. These were one of the first chocolate bars to have the edges of the packaging heat sealed instead of the reverse fold common to other domestic chocolate bars on the market at the time.

Banjo chocolate bars were around until the 1980s and they also included a coconut Banjo too. A few dedicated people want to see this iconic chocolate bar back on the shelves. A Great British product for the Great British public. Please Like via & Sign Petition to get Banjo back in the shops.




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