Banoffee Pie in a Marvellous Creations?

Cadbury has done it again!
A new marvellous creations has been born into the 200g sharing bars.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Banana Caramel Crisp aka Banoffee flavoured chocolate. Introduced around Easter, but only recently discovered by the Candy Crash Test researchers. Packaging like always is the famous Cadbury purple, but with circus stripes themed marvellous creations logo written on the front in a bright banana yellow. As the creations are based on wacky, wonderful sensations the chocolate slab has also been made into crazy paving stone pieces. Hard to break off pieces you want, however the pieces you do get, you get a bit of everything to munch on. Either separately by melting the chocolate around the individual pieces or you can dive right on in and get a taste explosion.

We did both to explore the individual flavours and the combiantion of flavours. The banana flavoured glazed candies reminded the Candy Crash Test lab rats of foam bananas you use to get at pix and mixes. The caramel was soft but light on the tastebuds. A hint could be indicated and in fact a lovely surprise. They were hidden inside the chocolate so hard to spot unless you were looking for them. The crispy balls were like the inside of a Malteaser. Light, airy, but the honeycomb flavour bursts through as soon as its cracked open.

All together the combination is one of the best by far from Cadbury, unless you don’t like banana flavoured candies. It was like a Banoffee pie crammed into a chocolate bar. It keeps it within the marvellous creations range and would recommend buying it for your next night in. A cosy comfort blanket to accommodate that movie you’ve always wanted to watch. Perfect chocolate craftsmanship.


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