A few drops of rainbow


Recently in the lab the Candy Crash Test team have been taking a summer break, however after seeing a square box of candy come through after my birthday it’s time to whip the blog back into shape and start getting some reviews out there for the candy loving public.

Swizzels Matlow has been on Candy Crash Test before on numerous occasions:-

A marmite experience with Swizzel Matlow, however these “Rainbow Drops” are surely one of the best creations from the British manufacturer so far…

Rainbow Drops are a small sugar-coated cereal-type puffed maize and rice confectionery and are only sold so far in the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland. These little puff kernels are covered in a sugary coating each differently coloured in orange, pink, purple, green and yellow. They are sold in bags of 80 g, 25 g or 10 g. These are usually called retro sweets as everyone from different generations around knows and love them for their quick sugary fix.

They have the same type of texture as Kelloggs Rice Krispies but not as crunchy. The flavour is a low sweet taste with slight plain rice after taste. A small bag was usually 10p, and they still remain reasonably cheap today being one of the lowest priced on the shelf compared to other pocket money candies.

A simple but yet firm favourite for anyone with only a few pence to spare.


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