Santa’s Village Muddy Reindeer

Some Christmas inspired chocolate here, from the same creators of Muddy Bears,
see our review here … I don’t think I was impressed by the bears…



I’ve been familiar with Muddy Bears with a few years but yesterday was the first time I’ve ever noticed Muddy Reindeer. They’re made by the same company: CandyASAP. The same people that make other junk food candy like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, Fudge Brownie Bites and Care Bears Gummi Bears. CandyASAP is owned by Taste of Nature, Inc. and that brand has a huge line of organic nut-filled snack bars.

Not sure why they added “Santa’s Village” to the name. I guess to make up for the very un-seasonal box art. I swear they swiped an image of the Rankin Bass version of Rudolph and recolored him in red, green and yellow.

20141203_205754Side note, I created my own version of “Muddy Bears” long before I ever heard of the CandayASAP’s chocolate-covered gummy bear version. My take on it was gummy bears + vanilla ice cream + crushed Oreos (though I…

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