Terry’s Orange Explosion


“Don’t tap it, Whack it!”

A unique orange shaped chocolate confection perfection.
Launched in 1931 by Terry’s of York, these little balls are always found in stockings everywhere during Christmas. In 2005 production was moved to Poland from York due to the factory closing, however Terry’s Chocolate Orange cannot be purchased from any Polish shops. Now manufactured by Mondelēz International.

Chocolate Oranges are made from real chocolate with added orange oil, divided into 20 segments or pieces, similar to real oranges. They are wrapped in orange coloured skin pattern foil. Due to the way a chocolate orange is manufactured the segments are firmly stuck together. The best way or traditional way to separate each piece, is to whack the orange shaped chocolate on a hard surface before unwrapping it.

I didn’t have the pleasure of tapping and unwrapping unfortunately.
I found a little packet of Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini segments with added exploding candy or popping candy.

Same product as the bigger orange shaped ball, only smaller and in a sharing bag with a re closable seal. A real pungent smell or orange comes from within the bag as soon as it is open. Melt in the mouth milk chocolate that isn’t too sweet on the tastebuds. A burst of orange hits your tongue as you bite into the chocolate piece.

As soon as the chocolate melts away the popping candy comes to life. Popping from on top of the tongue, to the back of the mouth until slowly moving down to the back of the neck. A great little addition, making these very irresistible. Whether you use the re sealable tab is entirely up to how many you find yourself eating.
A novel little chocolate shaped ball that’s better than a real orange. Comes in other flavours from dark, milk, white and Segsations (segments of different flavours and textures in a variety box). A traditional chocolate that is still loved by people today.


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