Sweet and salty: A visit to the Meiji chocolate factory

Would really like to go there some day…

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Meiji is a pervasive brand here in Japan. They make chocolates, snacks, yogurt drinks, cookies and hot chocolate, among other things. Basically, they make yummy treats.  This week, I joined a group of friends on a tour of the Meiji chocolate factory in Saitama, here in Tokyo. A friend of a friend organized the rental of a bus so a large group of us from the base could go to take the free tour of the factory. It was a really “sweet” to get to see where some of these delicious items are made.


We started our tour in a meeting room, where we were handed a few brochures in Japanese and samples of delightful little strawberry and milk chocolate candies and boxes of a grape-flavored yogurt drink.  Our Japanese guide blithely launched into her presentation in Japanese to our room full of mostly gaijin, who all nodded politely as if we could understand…

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A Tootsie Goodbye


A sad day in the confectionery world as Tootsie Roll industries long standing CEO and chairman Melvin J. Gordon died at the age of 95. He died Tuesday, after a brief illness. He joined the company in 1952 and after only 10 years he was appointed chairman in 1962. Shares within the company shot up rapidly after the announcement of Melvin’s passing

His wife Ellen R. Gordon has taken over as CEO and chairman of the company. In business this is highly unusual to have an 83 year old as CEO. Tootsie Roll Industries also manufacture Sugar Daddy, Dubble Bubble, Junior Mints and Charleston Chew. Over the years the Gordons have kept the company independent, trying not to consolidate with any other confectioner out there.

Scrambled Creme Egg?


Breaking news in the world of candy today!
Cadbury creme egg has brought on a crisis with changing the recipe for their popular creme egg. Sour taste buds are in the UK confectionery consumers mouths. In 2010 Cadbury was brought out by the multinational food manufactuer, Kraft Foods, admitted to a British tabloid they have secretly stopped using Dairy Milk within the eggs, instead the recipe now uses a standard mix chocolate.

British consumers united on Twitter to vent their anger over the change.
Read Candy Crash Test review on Cadbury Creme Egg, however I’m not sure how long the new recipe has been used. This review was written around a year ago.


I’ve got a golden ticket!


Getting quite excited here at the Candy Crash Labs. As a special Christmas surprise, me and my sister have booked ourselves a break next weekend to go to the bright light of London, but this isn’t just any ordinary trip, oh no! We are also going to see the smash hit musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” on the West End! I’m beyond ecstatic and cannot wait to enjoy the production. One of my favourite all time children book from Roald Dahl.

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Chocolate Bar Review – Divine Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Orange

We love a good flavoured chocolate bar

Confection Connoisseurs


This bar was one of many chocolate gifts from my sisters for my birthday.  The dark chocolate is infused with orange flavor and bits of candied orange and ginger.  I love the fruity flavors mixed with the dark chocolate and the added texture from the candied fruit.

Divine Chocolates have an added bonus in that they come with the story of the fairtrade farmers in Ghana that own the company.  All of the chocolate bars included the story of one particular farmer and their role in the chocolate production.  The packaging for all bars also includes traditional African motifs, often used on hand-made crafts.


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Happy New Year from Candy Crash Test


Happy New Year from Candy Crash Test.
Thank you to all my readers who have come with me on this sugar coated journey.
My resolution as the author of Candy Crash Test is to keep the blog updated with all the latest news, reviews and reports from the big and small of the confectionery world. I also will be re-writing some older blogs, to keep them fresh and to highlight what we have reviewed previously before on Candy Crash Test.

Please keep following, commenting, reblogging and joining the candy revolution!

Candy Crash Test x