In a World of Pure Imagination


A few weeks ago, I went to the bright lights of London and during my weekend away as I wrote in my last blog I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening out and recommend the musical to anyone. They were even selling actual Wonka chocolate bars “Millionaire Shortbread,” The usual merchadise was there to tantalise you’re fingers to grab the credit card, however I managed to get away with a bracelet and a souvenir brochure.

We managed to sneak our own supplies of Wonka “Runts” and “Nerds” into the theatre.
As our mouths engaged with the sweet Wonka treats, a feast before our eyes began.
Whilst snacking these sugar coated splendids, me and my sister did have to take many breaks from the sweetness as the American artificial flavours and colours were beginning to mess with our heads and began sugar enduced headaches that would stay with us for the remainder of the night until we could sleep the artificalness away.


Usually in a candy vending machine, Wonka’s Runts  are hard candies sold by Nestlé. These little candies were first seen n 1982. They are in the shape, color and flavor of a selection of fruits. Original Runts have a hard candy shell with a somewhat powdery center. The flavours haven’t always been the same. In the 90s they opted for blueberry and watermelon.

Most of the candies are flavoured as natually to the fruit as possible, except grape. Grape always tastes artificial no matter what sort of candy you pick up from the USA. Whilst at the theatre we had a sharing pack, and had to leave half of them. We physically couldn’t stand anymore sugar. Although the day afterwards on the coach we ate the rest. These are the best from the pressed powder collection. I think the hard outer shells helped as they gave the candy some crunch. It’s always satisfying to lick the colour off the candy too, before devouring. A good selection of flavours that suit each other well (grape will always be an out cast to me).


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