Tutti vanilla? Mocorran chocolate

A lovely friend of mine, went on holiday to Marrakesh in Morocco a few weeks ago, and on my doorstep this morning was a little parcel containing a few moroccan trinkets that they sent to me from their travels. Within those trinkets were two types of Moroccan candy. I instantly wanted to try them. First up is a small chocolate bar called “Tutti Frutti,”
Reading the very poor english on the back, I’m presuming its a chocolate bar with a fruit filling inside. I’ve never really heard of Macao before and so I went investigating.
On the arrival of the website we are introduced to a roller coaster ride with the candy land of Macao before being directed to the main home page with calming music soothing my ears. Being in french it was a little hard to translate but I got there in the end.

Candy or chocolate, MACAO these delights come from the expertise of master confectioners and reowned chocolatiers who work with passion since 1954,”

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much more about the brand.
A plain, simple looking wrapper, with another foil wrapper on the inside to keep the freshness in.
Approx 4 separate squares to enjoy at your leisure
The filling looks mousse like and was found sandwiched in between the chocolate.
First bite tasted gritty, almost like the Sahara sands found themselves into the mixing process. The chocolate tasted the same chocolate you find in cheap christmas/easter chocolate that hardly has any cocoa mass in. Nothing like the velvety taste of Lindor, Cadbury or Galaxy.

Unfortunately no fruit flavour was detected, even though the bar stated a fruit flavoured cream. (Just read the back of the packaging again and the main fruit flavour is vanilla….??) A huge disappointment from the Arabians. Wasn’t what I was expecting at all. There was no power or punch, no crunch or chew. A very plain, sugary and quite milky in flavour chocolate with  a fruit creme that was non existent.

I don’t think I will ask for another one of these in future. Hope the gummies are nicer. The gummies were recommended in my little note that came with the parcel. A report soon to follow on them.


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