Hero to Zero

An unusual colour for a candy bar, however it’s outwardly white colour has become Zero candy bar trademark.
In 1920 it was introduced. The candy bar is composed of caramel, almond nougat, peanut and a layer of white chocolate fudge and was launched by Hollywood Brands. Soon the brand got sold to Consolidated Foods Corporation in 1967, and now part of the Hersheys umbrella. Usually sold separately.
Covered in space age silver wrapper. Looking like its come from the 1980s.
From the inside of the wrapper comes a fudge scent oozing towards the outside. Once unopened the Zero bar looks appealing, and smells like any other Hersheys white chocolate candy bar.
I broke a piece of the bar off and it had a satisfactory string of caramel still attached. On closer inspection it looks like a white chocolate Mars Bar, however the taste is very different. Surprisingly its not as sickly sweet as first thought. The textures gives the bar body and layers for your taste buds to explore. A hint of marzipan can be detected every now and then through the candy bar.

After a while the taste become sweet, and a struggle to eat the remainder.
A small disappointment, however the white fudge starts to over powering every other flavour. One to savour little bits at a time rather than to eat all at the same time.


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