Turkish Gummy Bebeto Delight

Another random from the travels of my friend, this time Bebeto Premium Jelly Gum. Found these by the side of my mum’s chair, so I thought I would blog about them before they disappear forever.

Made in Turkey, by the Kervan Gida and they are quickly advancing into the world market with their brand of Bebeto gummies. Initially producing gum, Kervan Gida increased its scope and began jelly production in 1998. Since 2005, Kervan Gida has been the first to introduce licorice and new types of jelly to Turkey after closely following the international candy industry.

With 100 per cent of its stocks in Turkey, is the biggest producer of jelly in Turkey. In 2010, Kervan Gida, which only uses real fruit juices, with this becoming the first jelly producer in Turkey to use natural pigments. Currently exporting to 75 countries.

The packet I got given was the tropical pineapple and orange flavour. Fat free, halal and no artificial colours. The gummies are made with real fruit juice. So they tick off most of the boxes for a healthy alternative to other candies on the market. Downside the sugar content is high.

Once open the packet contains a sweet smell, but nothing too overpowering. A light sweet flower smell. Each gummy is covered in little hard sugar balls, which give you texture and bite whilst you chew the gummy. The flavour bursts through instantly. You can feel the flavour mix with your saliva to make the juice of the fruit. They do have a little after tang on the back of your tongue to create the acidity of the real fruit. I understand why mum kept eating these. One of the best gummies par Haribo I have tasted with great flavour and texture.

A good recommendation for religious and health. Resealable for freshness and stops you from eating the whole packet, if you got the will power to put them to one side.  Yummy Gummies!


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