Extra Chocolately Side of Mars


Mars bars have been a favourite in the lunchbox for a few generations, its up there with Twix and Snickers. All from Mars company. A few months ago they introduced a limited edition “Xtra Choc,” of the original Mars bar.
The original was first manufactured in Slough, and has grown in popularity ever since. There was an American original Mars bar, however this was discontinued in 2002.

Same sort of packaging, black with the distinctive red branding of mars, with brown lines striking pass.
Mars, with an xtra chocolatey Mars taste,” in scripted underneath.
Usual opening method is required. An instant hit of strong cocoa powder hits the nose and the mouth starts to water.
Smelling like a chocolate mousse you get in the yogurt aisle, the inside looks like a normal Mars, with one exception. Instead of a pale yellow nougat, you are presented with a light brown in colour nougat instead.

Still tastes like a sweet caramel, nougat mix, however with a hint of extra chocolate within the savouring process.
All in all, it’s just a Mars bar with more chocolate and doesn’t really wow the taste buds unfortunately. Great for chocoholics, just not that special to be called a limited edition. Sort of gives me the impression, someone at Mars lent on a lever and accidentally added cocoa powder to the nougat and they have to think of a way to recoup the money. Still a nice chocolate bar none the less.


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