Zag… What?

As I have never heard of this candy bar before, I wondered what it could possibly be?
Zagnut is a candy bar produced and sold in the USA. Now manufactured under the Hershey’s brand umbrella. It consists of crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut.

Zagnut has had a surge in popularity within the US military. The reason being, the bar doesn’t contain chocolate (unlike so many other candy bars) so it doesn’t melt whilst in hot countries like Iraq or Afghanistan. Candy stores sell them unevenly around the states as Zagnut has such a niche market.

The name hasn’t been fully explained, however it suggests that the “Nut” part, hints to the bars’ ingredients (which is understandable) and the “zag” part, which is slang for the type of candy bar that was out in the 1930s at the time this was produced.

Zagnut, is brightly coloured in a sunshine yellow print, adds to its simple appearance.
As with most Hershey products the lingering smell of cocoa surrounds the packaging before the bar is even unwrapped, faint, but still there. Opening the bars’ packaging, is the traditional rip and tear method, nothing fancy here. Once opened you are greeted with what looks like a breaded mozarella stick or fish finger. Zagnut feels hard to the touch, however crumbles at the slightest of movement. After your first bite you are tantalised with multiple thin layers of coconut and peanut butter.

The flavours mix well together. With the textures varying from crunchy to smooth to sticky in just a few chews, it is a very pleasant experience. It tastes almost like a breakfast cereal…Choocolate Honey Nut Cornflakes comes to mind.

Hersheys have never been my favourite chocolate company, however the Zagnut has changed my opinion, mainly due to the fact it doesnt have any chocolate. It’s a lovely candy bar that isn’t too sweet or sickly to the taste buds. I quite like the combination of peanut and coconut, however I would never of put them together myself, yet it works!


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