Oreo Thins: Sophisticated adult cookie


Mondelez International have brought out a new product from the Oreo range. These Oreo Thins are to cater to the rising demand in lighter bites in the U.S. Rolled out on the 13th July after the success in the Chinese market late last year.

These will be packed as 4 cookies with the combined 140 calories, slightly less than the original three pack Oreo cookies at 160 calories. Oreo Thins have been marketed for adult who have grown up with Oreo, but want more of a sophisticated bite to eat.

Safari adventure, South African candy style

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Recently, my friend came back from South Africa after getting married in her home country. Congratulations to her and her new husband, hope they have a very happy life together. She knew I did a candy blog and brought me back a selection of different chocolates and candies you can get over in South Africa, which I must say I’ve been munching my way through without blogging about them…which is naughty, so here I am to redeem myself.

My first munch into South African candy was from a bag called Fav’rites, which is a selection bag full of different chocolate delights. All made in South Africa under the Tiger Consumer Brand company. Naturally I rsearched into the company as I’ve never heard if them before. I found some information on one of the varieties in the packet called Black Cat.


Black Cat Peanut Butter was in launched in 1926, is one of South Africa’s most popular brands- a firm favourite with families everywhere. In May 2003 the equity of the Black Cat brand was leveraged into chocolate confectionery – “out of the jar and into the bar”. The Black Cat snacks range are packed with the protein power of peanut butter and the healthy benefits of muesli; which keep the consumer healthy and strong (mentally and physically),”

Others were difficult to find any information on, If anyone knows anything about NOW!, TV, Nosh, Niki, Inside Story, Mint Flavoured Creme, Damascus, or Milk. Please comment below and I can add the information to this blog post.

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