Safari adventure, South African candy style

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Recently, my friend came back from South Africa after getting married in her home country. Congratulations to her and her new husband, hope they have a very happy life together. She knew I did a candy blog and brought me back a selection of different chocolates and candies you can get over in South Africa, which I must say I’ve been munching my way through without blogging about them…which is naughty, so here I am to redeem myself.

My first munch into South African candy was from a bag called Fav’rites, which is a selection bag full of different chocolate delights. All made in South Africa under the Tiger Consumer Brand company. Naturally I rsearched into the company as I’ve never heard if them before. I found some information on one of the varieties in the packet called Black Cat.


Black Cat Peanut Butter was in launched in 1926, is one of South Africa’s most popular brands- a firm favourite with families everywhere. In May 2003 the equity of the Black Cat brand was leveraged into chocolate confectionery – “out of the jar and into the bar”. The Black Cat snacks range are packed with the protein power of peanut butter and the healthy benefits of muesli; which keep the consumer healthy and strong (mentally and physically),”

Others were difficult to find any information on, If anyone knows anything about NOW!, TV, Nosh, Niki, Inside Story, Mint Flavoured Creme, Damascus, or Milk. Please comment below and I can add the information to this blog post.


A popular bar in South Africa and naturally was the first that I tried from the variety packet. I get the whole taste sensation of the big bar but bite sized, and if I like them I got more to enjoy at a later period, so a perfect packet for me. I loved the crunch of the Black Cat with crumbliness of the muesli like peanut butter centre. A little different at first, however I enjoyed the chocolate which wasn’t overly sweet. I can understand why it is a favourite and wished I had more than one in the packet to enjoy again. Unfortunately I can’t remember the packaging because I chucked it away before eating the contents. I dived right into the chocolate tasting on this one.

The mini black and red packet tells me it’s a whipped nougat and caramel flavoured chocolate bar. Instantly I’m thinking and comparing NOW! to a Mars bar. Traditional pull and tear foil packaging. Smelling absolutely delightful. Looks like a Mars, however completely different taste to a Mars. The chocolate again is a little different to what I’m use to, however still enjoyable. Melts in the mouth, all over the taste buds and teeth. Not as sweet as Mars, which makes it pleasurable, on the other hand the bite size chocolate piece is enough for me. I wouldn’t want a normal size NOW! bar.

Tropical coconut and crunchy rice puffs in smooth milk chocolate,” Without opening the classic red packaging, the thought of a cereal bar comes to mind. Coconut is fashionable and a new super food. It possibly loses the health appeal in a chocolate bar. The rice puffs gives the bar crunchiness and the coconut follows in with the flavour. The chocolate is smooth to the taste buds and delicious, however lacks sweetness due to the manufacturers using less sugar, compared to other brands like Cadburys and Nestle.

Hazelnuts in nougat with creamy caramel flavourings,” Another in classic red packaging, but this time with blue stripes down the ends, to distinguish it from the others. Tearing the foil, the chocolate is same as the other chocolate bar that have previously been tasted. Inside its chewy with the nougat and caramel mixing together. Like the famous Snicker bar with less nuts involve. A wet wipe maybe needed as the combination can become very sticky, especially when the bar starts melting in your hand.







One thought on “Safari adventure, South African candy style

  1. Im South African and Black Cat is not that popular as a chocolate bar, more as something to spread on your bread as just plain peanutbutter. Niki is for all the coconut lovers, but it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Too much coconut flavouring and not enough of the real thing. Damascus is the favourite of all who love nougat. I think it might be the best selling nougat brand in SA. TV Bar is the most-loved one of them all, it actually doesn’t taste very cereally even though it does have rice crispies in it. Inside Story is also more popular but I don’t like it. The other ones I have not tasted before.

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