Birthday cake: New top selling flavour

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Cake is the staple for any birthday party out there, so there’s no surprises that the new top selling flavour out there in the confectionery market. This birthday cake isn’t familiar to the European market, but nostalgic to the USA. Yellow birthday cake, thick with sugary frosting, sold in all groceries stores across the country.

The Original Gourmet Food Company launched a birthday cake flavoured lollipop to consumers at the Snacks and Sweet Expo in Chicago after seeing how candy lovers loved the Jelly Belly Birthday Cake Remix that was launched 3 years prior.
Other companies who have jumped on the birthday cake craze is Demets Candy Company with their brand of “Flipz” pretzels.

It’s great to know that even as an adult you can have the flavour of birthday cake, but without the hundreds of calories associated with it. Recalling happy memories of yesteryear.