Cadbury has released a new range of chocolate bars. These sharing bars are an whopping 26cm long! Boosting six times bigger than the average single serving bars. 300g compared to the normal dairy milk at 45g.
Enough for the whole family to share. Some say the Oreo Crunch will be the best seller from the range.

Cadbury “BIG TASTE” comes in three varieties:
Triple Chocolate Sensation
Oreo Crunch
Toffee Whole Nut



Mars takes on protein

Mars has tapped into a new mainstream trend in confectionery, protein. It has now introduced Mars and Snicker bars with added protein to the market. Mars with 18g extra of protein, whilst Snickers with an added 19g of protein. Both coming in a 57g single chocolate bar.

With the healthy lifestyle gaining momentum there has also been a spike in protein consumption over the last few years. No wonder Mars was keen to cash in on this growing trend. Keep an eye out for more confectioners bringing out similar products.


Oreo Peanut Butter Spotted

Seen within the EU and in the UK, a new Oreo flavour has appeared.
Oreo peanut butter! Reese has teamed up with Oreo in the USA to produce Oreo with Reese peanut butter Oreos.

“Cocoa flavoured sandwich biscuits with a peanut butter flavour filling (29%),”
The Oreos come in a pack size of approx 154g. As with all Oreos, perfect with a glass of milk.