About the Admins


Hello, and welcome to Candy Crash Test.
I am Steph, a lover of all things candy related be it of the chocolatey kind or the sugar induced coma kind. Been a sugar monster ever since I was a little girl, and still can’t stop munching the good stuff. Mostly a lover of all sweet things from the the United Kingdom, I do love to discover varieties from different countries.
A dream would be to go to a real life Willy Wonka chocolate factory and exploring different types of flavours, varieties and combinations with my own eyes and maybe even my tastebuds.

My other admin is Maxy, she’s as fascinated in candy as I am. With connections in America, she sure to find delicious candies from across the pond and beyond. She loves sugar, spice and everything nice.

We’ll be guiding candy lovers out there what’s hot and what’s not on the candy shelves by reviewing a selection of chocolate bars, candy, and sweets. Enjoy this magical mystery tour!


3 thoughts on “About the Admins

  1. What is it about about the name “Steph” that makes almost all of us sugar obsessed?

    I love your blog! So cool. Thanks for the like on mine! I hope you update in the coming year, I’d love to compare notes.

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