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Raise your Nutella covered knives and spread in memory of Michele Ferrero

Michele Ferrero

Valentines weekend came with a massive heartache within confectionery world. Michele Ferrero, known for introducing the world of consumers to “Nutella,” chocolate spread in 1964, has died at the ripe old age of 89.
His company is also known for Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Eggs and Tic Tacs.
He died peacefully at home after months of being ill, according to a company statement.

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Gummy candy maker for the home


The Nostalgia Electrics Gummy Candy Maker has everything you need to make your own gummy candies in your own home. You can create delicious gummy candies in everyone’s favorite flavors, colors and shapes. Simply heat the gelatin in the heating pot and pour into the silicone molds.

Re-create different colours and flavoured worms, bears and fish shapes with the included recipe book. It also includes one giant gummy bear mould for any special occasion or for a love one who just has a massive sweet tooth.

You can get the Nostalgia Electric Gummy Candy Maker from any online retail store.

Retro candy from yesteryear part two

Candy Crash Test here with the latest news and reviews. Today we finish the other half of our look on yesteryear candies that are gone, however still in the heart and souls of candies lovers everywhere. We start from the 70’s and will be working our way up towards the present.
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Retro candy from Yesteryear Part One

Another Throwback Thursday and another mega candy report for your guys to get your memories ticking. Each candy has a memory to one person or another and these are no exception. A few are a little weirder than others. We will start with the 1920’s and head towards what we think the latest discontinued candies will be. Hold on to your chairs we are on an exploration into Candy past. Read the rest of this entry

Dark day for Haribo


Hans Riegel, along with his brother Paul Riegel took over their father’s company. This company was Haribo, which is now a worldwide known gummy candy company and conquered the markets. But today we have come to the terms that Hans Riegel passed away after having brain surgery due to a tumor. It wasn’t the operation, he passed on due to a heart attack during re-validation on the age of 90. From the fight for the freedom of Germany in WWII all the way to getting his doctorate degree in 1951 and leading this great company, we say goodnight mister Riegel. You shall be missed and always will be remembered with this great legacy you left us.

Have a break! Have a…


We all heard the catchphrase… if not you’ve been living under a cardboard box, or you just don’t watch TV…
The famous catchphrase we all love and know is “Have a break, have a KitKat,”

It’s a good excuse to stop doing whatever you’re doing. Stretch back from the job at hand and eat some tasty chocolate. Produced by Nestle.. who has some good quality milk chocolate right there. With the crunchy wafer in each semi-separated bar you are guaranteed for a perfect balance of crunch and chocolate. Read the rest of this entry

Chewy Cherry Goodness


Haribo! We all know the brand and I’m pretty sure we all love it. From their sour sweets all the way to the sweet and even the plain liquorice textures are a fit for any kind of candy nibbler.
As they themselves say it “Kids and grown-ups love it so” and that is not much far from being a fact.

Today we open up a tub (also available in small bags) of these, the “Happy Cherries”. To be frank, there isn’t much to say about these apart from the usual I-ate-a-whole-bag-before-realizing-syndrome. An appealing color scheme. Smooth, chewy yet juicy texture in the mouth and the childish fun of eating the cherries and leaving the green bits makes you feel like a big shot…who end up eating everything which is not advisable with real cherries… Oh 8-year old me.

The cherry flavour is there and yet doesn’t overpower your taste buds. It’s a subtle flavouring. I like shoving 2-3 in my mouth at a time as one is just not enough.The coloring weirdly enough tricks the brain into thinking there is more then one flavour. Even if there isn’t they’re still a pleasant experience. Once more the Germans know how to get people nomming on gummy sweets.
It’s generic but in a good way…it’s so good everyone can enjoy them, even if you don’t like real cherries I suggest to give these a nibble!


Space Snack Food

Space Snack Food

Freeze-dried ice cream is ice cream that has had most of the water removed from it by a freeze-drying process and sealed in a pouch. This ice-cream can be kept at room temperature as no freezer is required. Brittle on the outlook its quite soft and chewy. Tastes just like chocolate,vanilla and strawberry ice-cream. A different treat to the norm. Comes in 2 flavours Vanilla, and Neapolitan, also available in an ice-cream sandwich. Commonly known as space or astronaut space food. Available all novelty shops.

Chocolate Nest Easter Treats

Chocolate Nest Easter Treats

Its coming up to Easter and what better way to celebrate by melting your favourite solid chocolate bar mixed some Shredded Wheat (a whole wheat cereal) Finished off with little chocolate easter eggs on top… So easy to make with the kids or to do for some small treats for yourself :3



This brings back memories~
This caramel and chocolate toffee candy guarantees cavities and a chewing marathon for just one piece alone.
Originally founded over 100 years ago by Augustus Storck in Ostwestfalen-lippe (germany). He was the only one making the treats, however in a matter of of 5 years, the company grew to a dozen people working under him. Soon he became too elderly and left the company to his son. the Storck company is better known for its Werther’s Original caramel toffees.
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