Unripen Cherry


Offered by MacRobertson’s an Australian confectioner until Cadbury brought the product in 1967, Cherry Ripe is one of the oldest and one of the top chocolate brands to be sold in Australia. Cherry Ripe consists of shredded coconut, cherries coated in Old Gold dark chocolate. Continue reading


Marvellous… Creative Candy Creations Presented By Cadbury


The second chocolate season (Easter) has departed, however Cadbury has been busier than even bringing out a UK variety of their Australian chocolate confectionery delights.  The chocolate range called “Marvellous Creations“. The packaging is fun, carnival like and eye catching to the candy lover. A refreshing look compared to the standard purple wrapping with small changes in details to show the different varieties. This packing cries out FUN. The 2 new varieties up for people to grab are “Cookie Nut Crunch,” and “Jelly Popping Candy Shells,”

Candy Crash Test brought the smaller bars, however these are available in a larger size (200g) in most supermarkets.
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The Natural Confectionery puzzle that you can guzzle

BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!The Natural Confectionery Company or TNCC is proud to be a confectioner that uses no artificial colours or flavourings within there products. Originally from Australia the company began as a small range named Binka’s, consisting of 3 products aimed at a niche market, but with new packaging and recipes, the TNCC has grown in popularity. In April 2003 The Natural Confectionery Company was bought out by Cadbury Schweppes. The range now covers over 18 different varieties of candies and has become one of Australia’s no.1 candy on the shelves at supermarkets today. The catchphrase “Bring on the trumpets!” is one of many surreal comments from the talking candy characters from the UK  TV ads that were aired in 2008.

Here’s the Guzzle Puzzle advert from the company
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For the Small Nibble Breaks


A classic amongst all the Cadbury products and brands that they offer. Cadbury buttons are small fat circular piece of milk chocolate (or white chocolate) Mostly sold in Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland.

These can be brought singularly or part of a multi pack. Smooth, silky, a glass and a half of pure luxury chocolate chocolate. Stick a packet in your lunchbox, pocket, bag and when the hunger hits your prepared with a sugary hit back. They’re not complete naughty in the calories department as they are so thin and flat, you can just nibble one packet throughout the day. The cravings for sugary snacks will be kept away nicely. Kids love them and grown ups love them. A little bit of chocolate pleasure for any occasion.

If you can’t afford the originals, there are many fakies out there that are incredibly nice. e.g. Aldi’s chocolate buttons
but some need to be avoided as they taste like cheap Christmas/Easter chocolate you can get.

Give Yourself a Boost

One chocolate bar I wouldn’t be eating in the near future or ever again. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. Definitely a strong stomach. Introduced in 1985 it’s manufactured by Cabury, and sold in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The peanut variety of the Boost bar has been re-branded as a “Star Bar”.  If you’re Irish the Boost bar is mostly known as the Moro bar.

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