Candy crash test back!

Hello candy lovers and likers,

We are back to get you rediscovering candy once more, unfortunately with life getting in the way, the admins have had some away from our beloved candy blog.

A few of our friends have recently brought us some more confectionery from around the world, and here we are consuming it, without giving you guys the insights and that just isn’t fair.

So, we are here once again to give you all the news and reviews from the world from the sweetest world we know!


I’ve got a golden ticket!


Getting quite excited here at the Candy Crash Labs. As a special Christmas surprise, me and my sister have booked ourselves a break next weekend to go to the bright light of London, but this isn’t just any ordinary trip, oh no! We are also going to see the smash hit musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” on the West End! I’m beyond ecstatic and cannot wait to enjoy the production. One of my favourite all time children book from Roald Dahl.

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Happy New Year from Candy Crash Test


Happy New Year from Candy Crash Test.
Thank you to all my readers who have come with me on this sugar coated journey.
My resolution as the author of Candy Crash Test is to keep the blog updated with all the latest news, reviews and reports from the big and small of the confectionery world. I also will be re-writing some older blogs, to keep them fresh and to highlight what we have reviewed previously before on Candy Crash Test.

Please keep following, commenting, reblogging and joining the candy revolution!

Candy Crash Test x