Canadian Candy Chews

Canadian Candy… or is it gum?! *trumpet sounds*Razzles were originally introduced in 1966, with the advertising slogan and jingle of, “First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun.” The only flavour back then was raspberry. In 1986 Razzles were brought acquired by Concord Confectionios Ltd. Artificially flavoured they now come in a variety of flavours including grape and lemon. Razzles have other flavour combinations (Tropical and Sour). Continue reading


Tropical Bliss


You want to get away from daily life, but haven’t got the money to book a tropical holiday? Announcing Bounty from the Mars company. Introduced in the 1950’s Bounty is a coconut filled candy bar wrapped in Dark or Milk Chocolate. A snippet of the price of a holiday and can be enjoyed now or later as it comes in two pieces wrapped in one wrapper. Not sold in the USA, however a similar product to Bounty is Mounds produced by the Hershey company. Bounty did bring out a Cherry flavoured candy bar in Australia, but it has now has been discontinued. Continue reading

For the Small Nibble Breaks


A classic amongst all the Cadbury products and brands that they offer. Cadbury buttons are small fat circular piece of milk chocolate (or white chocolate) Mostly sold in Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland.

These can be brought singularly or part of a multi pack. Smooth, silky, a glass and a half of pure luxury chocolate chocolate. Stick a packet in your lunchbox, pocket, bag and when the hunger hits your prepared with a sugary hit back. They’re not complete naughty in the calories department as they are so thin and flat, you can just nibble one packet throughout the day. The cravings for sugary snacks will be kept away nicely. Kids love them and grown ups love them. A little bit of chocolate pleasure for any occasion.

If you can’t afford the originals, there are many fakies out there that are incredibly nice. e.g. Aldi’s chocolate buttons
but some need to be avoided as they taste like cheap Christmas/Easter chocolate you can get.