M&M’s may be banned from selling in Sweden

It’s been 7 seven since the first spat between Mars and Mondelez (Kraft Food) and this year the final ruling was made by the Stockholm district court. This all started when Kraft sued Mars for an alleged infringement of their 1993 trademark for the letter M by marketing and selling M&Ms in Sweden.

The latest ruling will mean that Mars will be facing heavy fines if it sells M&Ms beyond this month unless they appeals as they found a breach of trademark. Mars has until the 30th June to make the appeal, any appeal will halt the ban pending for the Supreme court.

Mondelez trademark for “M” – one of it’s chocolate covered peanut under the Marabou brand.




Cadbury has released a new range of chocolate bars. These sharing bars are an whopping 26cm long! Boosting six times bigger than the average single serving bars. 300g compared to the normal dairy milk at 45g.
Enough for the whole family to share. Some say the Oreo Crunch will be the best seller from the range.

Cadbury “BIG TASTE” comes in three varieties:
Triple Chocolate Sensation
Oreo Crunch
Toffee Whole Nut


Mars takes on protein

Mars has tapped into a new mainstream trend in confectionery, protein. It has now introduced Mars and Snicker bars with added protein to the market. Mars with 18g extra of protein, whilst Snickers with an added 19g of protein. Both coming in a 57g single chocolate bar.

With the healthy lifestyle gaining momentum there has also been a spike in protein consumption over the last few years. No wonder Mars was keen to cash in on this growing trend. Keep an eye out for more confectioners bringing out similar products.


Birthday cake: New top selling flavour

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Cake is the staple for any birthday party out there, so there’s no surprises that the new top selling flavour out there in the confectionery market. This birthday cake isn’t familiar to the European market, but nostalgic to the USA. Yellow birthday cake, thick with sugary frosting, sold in all groceries stores across the country.

The Original Gourmet Food Company launched a birthday cake flavoured lollipop to consumers at the Snacks and Sweet Expo in Chicago after seeing how candy lovers loved the Jelly Belly Birthday Cake Remix that was launched 3 years prior.
Other companies who have jumped on the birthday cake craze is Demets Candy Company with their brand of “Flipz” pretzels.

It’s great to know that even as an adult you can have the flavour of birthday cake, but without the hundreds of calories associated with it. Recalling happy memories of yesteryear.

Oreo Thins: Sophisticated adult cookie


Mondelez International have brought out a new product from the Oreo range. These Oreo Thins are to cater to the rising demand in lighter bites in the U.S. Rolled out on the 13th July after the success in the Chinese market late last year.

These will be packed as 4 cookies with the combined 140 calories, slightly less than the original three pack Oreo cookies at 160 calories. Oreo Thins have been marketed for adult who have grown up with Oreo, but want more of a sophisticated bite to eat.

Jelly “Organic” Belly Launch


News in the confectionery world is that Jelly Belly will be launching a new organic line of candies for the consumer. These include fruit flavoured snacks and gourmet jelly beans.

The CEO Lisa Rowland Brasher of Jelly Belly made the announcement at the Snack and Sweets Expo in Chicago last weekend. The new line will be launched in the fall with the fruit flavoured snacks, which will be made with real fruit puree, juice and would also appeal to the gluten free market.

Lisa didn’t say when the gourmet jelly beans will be launched, however did confess on “Spilling the beans,” about that the organic jelly beans will have two varieties – a bag of five sour flavours and a bag of 10 original fruit flavours – all made with real juice and puree, same as the fruit snacks being launched.