Cadbury has released a new range of chocolate bars. These sharing bars are an whopping 26cm long! Boosting six times bigger than the average single serving bars. 300g compared to the normal dairy milk at 45g.
Enough for the whole family to share. Some say the Oreo Crunch will be the best seller from the range.

Cadbury “BIG TASTE” comes in three varieties:
Triple Chocolate Sensation
Oreo Crunch
Toffee Whole Nut



Oreo Peanut Butter Spotted

Seen within the EU and in the UK, a new Oreo flavour has appeared.
Oreo peanut butter! Reese has teamed up with Oreo in the USA to produce Oreo with Reese peanut butter Oreos.

“Cocoa flavoured sandwich biscuits with a peanut butter flavour filling (29%),”
The Oreos come in a pack size of approx 154g. As with all Oreos, perfect with a glass of milk.


Extra Chocolately Side of Mars


Mars bars have been a favourite in the lunchbox for a few generations, its up there with Twix and Snickers. All from Mars company. A few months ago they introduced a limited edition “Xtra Choc,” of the original Mars bar.
The original was first manufactured in Slough, and has grown in popularity ever since. There was an American original Mars bar, however this was discontinued in 2002.

Same sort of packaging, black with the distinctive red branding of mars, with brown lines striking pass.
Mars, with an xtra chocolatey Mars taste,” in scripted underneath.
Usual opening method is required. An instant hit of strong cocoa powder hits the nose and the mouth starts to water.
Smelling like a chocolate mousse you get in the yogurt aisle, the inside looks like a normal Mars, with one exception. Instead of a pale yellow nougat, you are presented with a light brown in colour nougat instead.

Still tastes like a sweet caramel, nougat mix, however with a hint of extra chocolate within the savouring process.
All in all, it’s just a Mars bar with more chocolate and doesn’t really wow the taste buds unfortunately. Great for chocoholics, just not that special to be called a limited edition. Sort of gives me the impression, someone at Mars lent on a lever and accidentally added cocoa powder to the nougat and they have to think of a way to recoup the money. Still a nice chocolate bar none the less.

Septacular Cadbury


From Joyville down in the factory of Cadbury a super special phenomenon.
A bar like no other. This chocolate bar contains seven, yes, seven different flavours, in one block!
The flavours making an appearance:
Fruit and Nut
Whole Nut
Turkish Delight
Daim Bar
and not forgetting the classic Dairy Milk.
All of these flavours will create a 200g wonder-bar.
However before you get too carried away, Cadbury is only making 50 of these special edition bars and will be giving them away on Twitter.

Scrambled Creme Egg?


Breaking news in the world of candy today!
Cadbury creme egg has brought on a crisis with changing the recipe for their popular creme egg. Sour taste buds are in the UK confectionery consumers mouths. In 2010 Cadbury was brought out by the multinational food manufactuer, Kraft Foods, admitted to a British tabloid they have secretly stopped using Dairy Milk within the eggs, instead the recipe now uses a standard mix chocolate.

British consumers united on Twitter to vent their anger over the change.
Read Candy Crash Test review on Cadbury Creme Egg, however I’m not sure how long the new recipe has been used. This review was written around a year ago.

Terry’s Orange Explosion


“Don’t tap it, Whack it!”

A unique orange shaped chocolate confection perfection.
Launched in 1931 by Terry’s of York, these little balls are always found in stockings everywhere during Christmas. In 2005 production was moved to Poland from York due to the factory closing, however Terry’s Chocolate Orange cannot be purchased from any Polish shops. Now manufactured by Mondelēz International.

Chocolate Oranges are made from real chocolate with added orange oil, divided into 20 segments or pieces, similar to real oranges. They are wrapped in orange coloured skin pattern foil. Due to the way a chocolate orange is manufactured the segments are firmly stuck together. The best way or traditional way to separate each piece, is to whack the orange shaped chocolate on a hard surface before unwrapping it.

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A few drops of rainbow


Recently in the lab the Candy Crash Test team have been taking a summer break, however after seeing a square box of candy come through after my birthday it’s time to whip the blog back into shape and start getting some reviews out there for the candy loving public.

Swizzels Matlow has been on Candy Crash Test before on numerous occasions:-

A marmite experience with Swizzel Matlow, however these “Rainbow Drops” are surely one of the best creations from the British manufacturer so far…
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Banoffee Pie in a Marvellous Creations?

Cadbury has done it again!
A new marvellous creations has been born into the 200g sharing bars.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Banana Caramel Crisp aka Banoffee flavoured chocolate. Introduced around Easter, but only recently discovered by the Candy Crash Test researchers. Packaging like always is the famous Cadbury purple, but with circus stripes themed marvellous creations logo written on the front in a bright banana yellow. As the creations are based on wacky, wonderful sensations the chocolate slab has also been made into crazy paving stone pieces. Hard to break off pieces you want, however the pieces you do get, you get a bit of everything to munch on. Either separately by melting the chocolate around the individual pieces or you can dive right on in and get a taste explosion.
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Milky Flavoured Goodness


Was traveling home one day last week and decided to grab a few bits and pieces from the local store.  Walking through the aisles, the confectionery stand was nearing. Standing still for a moment and nostalgia hitting the lab rats  hard when a packet of Milk flavoured chews stared up from the shelf. Around 50p for a 41g package. The lab rats was relieved to find  pocket money from my childhood could still buy these tasty treats.

Produced in Scotland. They are individual wrapped squares of lovely, creamy, milky chewiness. Very addictive! These are very similar in taste to the original dusted milk bottles that you got in pick and mixes. Similar to a “White Rabbit” candy from China except without the editable rice paper.

Candy crash test lab rats have been eating these non stop ever since. The packet has now disappeared. Emergency supplies have been brought and even those have been feared eaten.

Milk Chews