Cadbury has released a new range of chocolate bars. These sharing bars are an whopping 26cm long! Boosting six times bigger than the average single serving bars. 300g compared to the normal dairy milk at 45g.
Enough for the whole family to share. Some say the Oreo Crunch will be the best seller from the range.

Cadbury “BIG TASTE” comes in three varieties:
Triple Chocolate Sensation
Oreo Crunch
Toffee Whole Nut



Oreo Peanut Butter Spotted

Seen within the EU and in the UK, a new Oreo flavour has appeared.
Oreo peanut butter! Reese has teamed up with Oreo in the USA to produce Oreo with Reese peanut butter Oreos.

“Cocoa flavoured sandwich biscuits with a peanut butter flavour filling (29%),”
The Oreos come in a pack size of approx 154g. As with all Oreos, perfect with a glass of milk.


Salted Licorice, Norway


Salted licorice

When I went to Norway, I knew that a local treat is salted licorice, so I picked up a few cute packs.

Confession time: I brought these cute treats home to New York, but I never tasted the licorice.

Why, you might ask? Firstly, I forgot about them in the cupboard. But more importantly, I don’t like licorice. Strangely, I do enjoy licorice tea, but I strongly dislike the tea, and I even have an aversion to fennel, which has a licorice-like flavor.


When I Googled “salted licorice Norway,” I found a Serious Eats article that proves that I was probably right that I would have hated the product; here’s an excerpt:

Faced with nearly 30 kinds of candies that are popular in Norway, I reverted to my excited five-year-old self after a prolific night of trick-or-treating.

Until I ate the salty licorice**.

** Unfortunately, salty licorice gets the shaft…

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A thin slice of buttery crunch

Originated in Sweden and Norway in 1953, the Daim bar is a thin butter almond slice covered in milk chocolate. Before 2005 Daim was known as Dime in the United Kingdom and in Swedish this crunchy confectionery was known as Dajm. The brand is now owned by Mondelēz International. Daim bars imported from Sweden are sold in IKEA stores in many countries, although IKEA America and Europe discontinued the product in 2011. You can also get a Daim ice-cream cake dessert from IKEA still.

The bar “Daim” was created after research into a similar product produced by the American company Heath. After refusing to give away the ingredients and the license, it was tested in Stockholm in 1952 with success. In 2007, a ‘Limited Edition Cappuccino’ Daim bar was released as well as a forest fruit bar, Coke Daim, White chocolate Daim, Dark chocolate Daim, Blueberry Daim and a Lemon-orange Daim. Continue reading

The grandparents favourite


The classic candy made with real butter and fresh cream,”

Werther’s Original is the favourite (beside assortment mints) amongst grandparents and elderly people. These are a brand of caramel flavoured candies and manufactured by August Storck, who are based in Germany.

These little hard candies were founded in 1903 and were named after the town of Werther in Westphalia. Originally they were marketed under the brand name of Werthers Echte from 1969. The present name “Werther’s Original” was adopted in the 1990s and have stuck ever since.

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DEO disgusting neutralising body odour candy


The future is Nuticosmetics,”

Nutricosmetics are nutritional supplements that have the ability to support the function and the structure of the skin. In Europe there is currently only one product, this product is the DEO perfume candy. DEO perfume candy was first introduced. DEO sells across Europe and in the United States and China…it is also now available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

DEO uses ISOMALT, a sugar replacer derived from sugar beet to give a sweet taste without sugar. This also gives DEO a low calorie, low GI alternative. Geraniol is the ingredient that changes this sweet into a health and beauty product. Geraniol, an acrylic monoterpene-alcohol found in rose, lavender and vanilla, offers both anti-oxidant and fragrance properties. The fragrance property works in the same manner as Garlic in that the fragrance is transmitted through the pores of the skin when a person sweats, the difference with Geranoil is that the fragrance that is emitted is a wonderful rose smell.

There are 3mg of Geraniol in one DEO candy (each candy is 3.7g) with only 3.6mg required for a 65 kg female to enjoy the rose fragrance coming through the pores of the skin for 6 hours. It is known that high consumption of ISOMALT can cause a laxative effect, but with only 1 to 2 sweets required for 6 hours fragrance this is not a problem with the DEO Perfume Candy,” ( Continue reading

A Biscuit That Yodels


Milka has released these new chocolate bars that are combined with different biscuits and crackers from other makers. Today I decided to give Milka and Lu biscuit combo a try. Straight off the bat I can say that this chocolate bar is anything but disappointing. No more different than a Twix without the caramel, it still delivers a great taste. It has the rich milky flavor of Milka chocolate that we all know, however with a crunchy texture of the Lu biscuit which allows the different flavours to combine and to linger in your mouth leaving you wanting more. Continue reading

Breakfast Chocolate Cornflakes: Snack on the Go


AH yes! Milka with their iconic purple and white cow and milky chocolate from the Swiss. Famous for their chocolate and now even more known for their wacky combinations, whether it’s crackers and chocolate or raisins and cornflakes. I accidentally picked up,taste and review the cornflake and raisin selection. Skeptical at first as the thought of chocolate and raisins makes me run in the other direction, but I just took a deep breath and… yeah, OK! I admit… I didn’t read the label, I saw “cornflakes” and took it. I regret nothing… the balance of chocolate, cornflakes and raisins is complete heaven. Though some clusters have more raisins where others have none. They still tasted pretty good which each morsel.

A chewy texture with a crunch to it makes it  fulfilling as it gives you the feeling that you are indeed having a hearty chocolatey snack. The chocolate flavor proves a good strength whilst chewing as the raisins add more after the chocolate has melted. If you are a fan of raisins, this is the snack for you! Although the bag looks small in comparison to other share bags, beware! these shouldn’t be eaten in one go as I tried and now suffer the infamous belly ache. This snack can only be found mostly around Central,  East Europe and South America I do reccomend giving it a taste if you get the opportunity. If not, then I wouldnt recommend it, you’d be better off with a tasty a caramel chocolate Milka bar.
These were the opinions of Candy Crash Test lab rat Cyanide,  if you have any of your own to share, Don’t be shy and comment below!